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Staying in a metro city has always been troublesome due to traffic! Conjointly, what frustrates a common man is parking space, in and around his residential area. Even if you find one,
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App's features

Carvah lets the wedged user search the car owner by just entering the car number in the application, since it has a database of the registered car owners with their phone numbers. All one needs is, a working internet connection, and a working cellular network, for rest all is taken care of by Carvah.


Carvah allows the user to maintain his or her privacy by the providing the option of notification, which help the carvarian notify the fellow carvarian without sharing his or her number.

Pollution Reminder

Forgetting the pollution control papers’ renewal is no more a problem, since it is looked after by Carvah now! Car owners can just enter their pollution details, and the next renewal prompt is given by Carvah.

Insurance Reminder

Similarly, car insurance would not be missed anymore. Users can put in the insurance details and the renewal aide-mémoire is Carvah’s obligation thereafter.

Picture Upload

What more to ensure the validation of the car identity than a picture itself, for Carvah lets the users add the car’s pictures as well as the owners’ pictures to the application, thereby giving no chance of mismanagement.

How it works


Download the application from google play store or App store for Apple users


The user needs to register/ sign-up using the car details, along with owner details and contact numbers.

Add Member

The user can also add members from the family who might be contacted in case of unavailability of the first user.

Good To Go

Once all the required details are entered, the application is good to go, without any charges!

More features

One User Multiple Cars

One user can add multiple cars, however, one car can be entered by only one user, to avoid multiple entries and chaos thereafter!

One Car Multiple Members

One user can add multiple members to a single car, wherein the members belong to same family and can be available to move the car, when required.

No Duplicate Entries

A car once entered, cannot be added by another user without the initial owner’s permission. In case of second hand buys, the first owner needs to delete the car details from his/her profile, to let the second owner enter the car in his/her name.

Easy To Notify

The trapped user can notify the other car’s owner via call, SMS, or an alert in the application, which would intimate the car owner to move their car from the parking in order to let the trapped user move their car.

About us

Staying in a metro city has always been troublesome due to traffic! Conjointly, what frustrates a common man is parking space, in and around his residential area. Even if you find one, the shoddier part occurs when someone else parks another car just next to your car, somehow blocking the space, what worse can you expect than waiting for someone to appear and move their car? To help people with car parking management over just a call, we have developed Carvah, which would keep you at ease with someone else blocking your car while parking their own.



"We are extremely satisfied with the services provided by Carvah, it helps us save a lot of time"

"A new concept and a great step towards the betterment of the society. Cheers! "

"The added advantage is the reminder for pollution and insurance expiry date. No more hassle of forgetting and paying challans. As now the renewals are done on time."
Mithun Sharma

"Carvah helped me save a lot of time on many occasion as it brings the car owners on my fingertips "

"There concept of free stickers helped me identify the cars registered on carvah. "